Gossip Girl Updates: Stills, Caps, etc..

I’m so so sorry for the lack of updates here guys. I have been really busy in my personal life and with my new sites Sophia and Kate. But now I finally took the time to make some updates here 🙂 I have added a total of 875 Gossip Girl related photos to the gallery. I have added stills from episodes 2.01, 2.02 and 2.03, I did also add poster promotions for season 2, the credit for all of these goes to Andreas at LJ. 7 On the set albums has also been added and screencaptures from the season premiere of Gossip Girl. Three group season 1 promos has been added to the gallery.

– Gossip Girl > Season 1 > Promos: Group
– Gossip Girl > Season 2: Last updated albums